Strategies for Every Manager to Display More Empathy When Employees Need It Most

Managing and Leading with Empathy

You might not realize it, but you have a profound impact on your team. In the short-term, the way you treat them affects their day, but your behavior also influences their long-term job satisfaction. 

If empathy isn’t your strong point, you might be treating employees more sternly than intended. No one wants a boss who lacks compassion, so here’s some advice to help you soften up. 

Three Strategies to Become a More Empathetic Leader 

Ask Questions and Listen Carefully 

You can’t read your employees’ minds. If you want to know their thoughts on a certain topic or how they’re doing in general, you have to ask pointed questions — and really listen. If you’re used to doing most of the talking, this might be easier said than done, but it’s a must. Allow them to speak without interruption and carefully listen to what they’re saying.  

Being heard by your manager feels great, and makes employees feel valued. When you’re able to stop and listen, you can make meaningful changes that bring employee happiness and high levels of retention. 

Bond With Your Team 

It can be hard to empathize with people you don’t really know. Change this by making an effort to bond with your team. Plan group outings — i.e., lunches, happy hours, volunteering — and spend more time in their work area to form a deeper connection with them. They’ll appreciate the effort you’re making to learn more about them as people, and as your bond deepens, they’ll see how much you truly care. 

Put Yourself in Their Shoes 

Different people often have different reactions to certain situations. If you’re only able to view the circumstances from your own point of view, you won’t be able to understand where they’re coming from. Having the ability to step outside your own thoughts and see things from another perspective is a must because it will allow you to have compassion for someone who needs it. 

Build a Strong Team 

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