Preparing for 2022: What Are the Biggest Challenges Hiring Managers Will Face?

Hiring Challenges in Las Vegas

Like many hiring managers, you’re already thinking about filling open positions in the new year. You’re considering seeking staffing support in Las Vegas, but first, you want to find out what you’ll be up against.

Along with the standard hiring obstacles, 2022 will bring a new set of hurdles you’ll face when adding talent to your team. Here’s a look at what to expect next year when searching for the best and brightest candidates.

Three Major Challenges Hiring Managers Will Face in 2022

Tumbling Unemployment Rate

In April 2020, the unemployment rate peaked at 14.8%. Since then, it’s been on a steady decline, falling to 4.8%, as of September 2021. Fewer people searching for work means hiring will become more strenuous, as you’ll have to look harder to find top talent. You might’ve gotten used to simply posting a job and receiving an influx of resumes during the pandemic, but this will likely be a thing of the past.

Choosy Candidates

The best candidates know exactly what they want in a new employer — and they’re not willing to settle. To get their attention, you’ll need to step up your benefits to ensure they’re more attractive than your competitors’. For example, now that people got a taste of working from home, many are seeking new jobs that allow them to work remotely at least part of the time.

Difficulty Retaining Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to reassess their lives. Consequently, a lot of talented people are seeking to leave their jobs for something that offers more. This means it’s more important than ever to invest in your existing team or you’ll be filling even more positions than expected. Avoid this by taking actions like ensuring there’s room for each person on your team to grow their careers at your company, creating regular learning opportunities and ensuring your culture is a positive and supportive space.

Make Hiring Challenges a Thing of the Past

Worried about finding top talent in 2022? Make this a non-issue by allowing PrideStaff Las Vegas to manage your hiring process. Contact us today

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