The Keys to Keeping Your Team Morale at a High Level

Things are pretty great right now at your company. Business is booming and your employees seem happy and fulfilled. In fact, you’re even looking for candidates searching for Las Vegas jobs hiring immediately.

You’re feeling really good about all of this, but as a seasoned manager, you know keeping morale high requires work. Here’s some advice to help keep both spirits and retention levels high on your team.

Four Tips to Keep Morale High at Your Company

Keep Your Team in the Loop

You might think you’re protecting employees by opting not to share updates — or delaying them as long as you can — that might cause them to worry. While your intentions are good, this will likely cause morale to take a hit, because no one likes to be left in the dark. If people have to learn news about the company from someone other than leadership, they’ll feel like you didn’t care enough to tell them yourself.

Recognize Outstanding Efforts

Your employees don’t put in extra effort for the sake of being praised, but a few kind words from the boss always feels good. So, speak up when someone goes the extra mile and really impresses you.

This might involve sharing their accomplishment with the entire group at a staff meeting, stopping by their desk to thank them privately or even emailing them a gift card to a local coffee shop. Calling out their hard work will make them feel valued and let them know you appreciate everything they do for the team.

Make Time for Fun

All work and no play is a recipe for low morale. Help your employees relax by prioritizing team-building activities.

Choose something everyone enjoys, so this time is something people look forward to — i.e., team lunches, happy hours, bowling nights, company picnics, etc. Having the opportunity to really enjoy themselves with their peers helps create stronger bonds, which keeps morale high.

Ensure a Solid Work-Life Balance

Your employees are committed to their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also need time away from the office to recharge. While some overtime might be inevitable during busy periods, this shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence. Let people know they aren’t expected to return messages after hours, so they can sit back and enjoy their personal lives.

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