Explaining Gaps in Your Work History

Explaining Gap in Resume

You’ve just been invited to interview for a very promising new job. However, you’re afraid other candidates already have a competitive advantage because you have at least one employment gap.

Whether you’ve been back in the workforce for a few years or you’re currently trying to land the first job you’ve had in a while, this can be nerve-wracking, but you’ve got this. Plenty of people take a break from their career for various reasons — i.e., caring for a family member, traveling abroad, going back to school full-time — so it’s not as uncommon as you think.

Your resume impressed the hiring manager enough to want to interview you, so you’ve got this. Follow this advice to address this situation with ease.

Here’s How to Explain Gaps in Your Work History

Prepare a Response

You know you’ll be asked about your resume gap, so formulate a response for it. Going into the interview with a prepared — and well-rehearsed — statement will ease your nerves and make you feel more confident.

Be Honest

Lying in a job interview will catch up to you, so it’s always best to tell the truth. You don’t need to go into extensive detail, but briefly explain why you needed to take time away from the workforce. The interviewer will appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you told the truth will show them you’re someone they can trust.

Explain How You Used Your Time Away Off

Just because you weren’t working for a bit doesn’t mean you weren’t still learning. Impress the hiring manager by highlighting job-related initiatives you took during your time away to continue learning and growing.

This might involve recently taking a class to get your skills up to date or volunteering at a non-profit in a role similar to the position at hand. Everyone doesn’t use their time away from the workforce to learn and grow, so the fact that you were motivated enough to do so will make a great impression.

Stand Out From the Crowd

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