6 Interview Questions to Identify Standout Accounting Professionals

Hiring a new accountant for your team is a big deal. These people are in charge of your company’s finances, so you want to ask interview questions that cover all the bases.

Top accounting talent expects to be asked challenging questions. They understand the magnitude of the role they’re interviewing for, and they’re prepared to show their fit.

Here Are Six Questions You’ll Want To Ask in Every Accounting Interview:

Say our company has two bank accounts for payment processing; what is the minimum number of ledgers we need?

While this is a rather basic question, it will give you a solid understanding of the candidate’s knowledge of ledgers. Use this to segue into a larger conversation about their accounting skills relevant to the position.

How do you estimate bad debt?

It’s a routine process but an important one. The candidate’s response will help you understand how they’ve estimated bad debt at previous jobs so you can see if they have the skills and experience needed to excel in the position.

What enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have you used?

This question can be telling because the candidate’s response will let you know how much training they would need if hired. Beyond simply detailing the brand(s) or system(s) they’re familiar with, they should go into as much detail as possible. Even if they don’t have experience with the same ERP your company uses, candidates with extensive knowledge and experience are more likely to catch on quickly.

What are the five must-have skills for an accountant?

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer here. Instead, you’re looking for the candidate to name a variety of both technical and behavioral skills. For example, an account needs job-specific numerical skills, but they also need communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail. Those who list a well-rounded mix of skills understand that which is essential.

Tell me about a time when you made an accounting error and how you resolved it.

Mistakes happen to everyone, but it’s how candidates resolve them that matters. Their response will allow you to ensure they’re able to take responsibility for mishaps and use problem-solving skills to fix them.

What is your process for keeping accounting errors to a minimum?

As noted above, mistakes are inevitable. However, you want accountants to keep them to a minimum. Their response will offer insight into their error-checking process so you can gauge the level of caution they bring to their work. You want someone with a thorough process, but of course not so time-consuming that it takes them forever to accomplish anything.

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