Evaluating and Choosing the Right Industry for Your Career

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Choosing the industry you want to work in is a big deal. However, doing so isn’t always easy.

This isn’t a decision to rush, as your choice will have a large impact on your life. There’s a variety of factors to weigh, which will help you determine the right path for you.

Here are Five Steps That Can Help You Figure Things Out:

Assess Your Skills

Set yourself up for success by choosing a new industry where you’re primed to thrive. Taking inventory of your skills is an important step because it allows you to gain a better understanding of where your strengths lie. Make a list of both hard skills — i.e., job-specific abilities you’ve acquired — and soft skills — personality traits that guide how you work with people — to get a well-rounded look at where you shine brightest.

Find Your Passion

Knowing what you’re good at is only part of the process of finding the right industry for you. It’s also important to determine what you’re passionate about and how to turn that into a meaningful career. Make a list and include everything you can think of, even if you don’t believe it could translate into a job. For example, you might include being around people, building things, fixing broken items, organizing or helping others.

Gauge Industry Trends

Some industries offer a more promising future than others. Those on the rise can be a great place to grow your career because they’ll continue to offer plentiful job opportunities.

On the other hand, some industries are no longer as prevalent as they once were, meaning there are not as many jobs to choose from, and opportunities for advancement can be scarce. It’s important to conduct research and be aware of this so you can choose an industry that can support you for the rest of your career.

Weigh Barriers to Entry

If you’re thinking about changing careers, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re not currently in an entry-level role, conduct research to see what type of position you’d be transitioning into.

Depending on the role, you might be able to leverage your years of work experience and the transferrable skills you’ve garnered to move into a position of a relatively similar stature. However, you might also have to start over in an entry-level position, which is definitely something you need to know in advance.

Work With a Recruiter

It can be hard to know if you’ll like a new industry until you’re already working in it. Of course, you don’t want to keep getting jobs and quitting them shortly thereafter just to keep trying new things.

This is where a recruiter comes in. They can set you up with a variety of temporary positions so you can give a variety of industries a try. When you’re done testing the waters, they’ll help you find a full-time job in your new industry of choice.

Find a Job That Works For You

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