Is Compensation the Primary Driver of Employee Motivation?

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As an employment agency in Las Vegas, we have the pleasure of working with candidates in a variety of industries, from a host of different backgrounds. These people come to us for assistance in finding a fulfilling job they truly enjoy. Of course, salary is important, as it determines their standard of living, but we’ve discovered it certainly isn’t everything.

We know many employers struggle to find top employee motivators, often falsely assuming compensation is the answer to everything. Consequently, we’ve decided to address this topic to put an end to the myth that employees only care about money.

Four Key Non-Monetary Employee Motivators

Meaningful Work

Any employee you really want on your team is driven by the ability to do work that matters. These people push themselves to succeed because they’re truly excited about the finished product and the positive impact it will have on others. They put a huge amount of effort into everything they do, because they truly care about the work. Help them retain this passion for the work by assigning interesting, challenging projects designed to make a difference.

Regular Growth Opportunities

Dynamic professionals are hungry for knowledge. Never content with the status quo, they’re constantly working to improve themselves, which directly benefits the team. Keep them motivated and engaged by offering regular growth opportunities. This can include sending them to conferences and seminars, hosting regular lunch and learns, bringing trainers into your office to teach new skills or even encouraging them to enroll in continuing education programs and footing the bill — or part of it if you don’t have the budget.

Dynamic Company Culture

Cultural fit is a key driver of motivation, because it indicates how well a person will fit into the group. An employee can have all the right skills, but if they don’t share the same values as the organization and the rest of the team, they won’t succeed. It’s hard to get excited about doing great work when you just don’t sync with rest of the team.

Solid Work-Life Balance

For most people, work isn’t the only part of their lives that matter — and that’s healthy. The best and brightest employees value companies that respect their personal time, making it possible to balance a thriving career with a happy home life. Perks like the ability to work from home, flextime and paid parental leave are hugely appreciated, because not every organization makes it easy to have it all. When you present employees with these benefits, they’re beyond grateful, which causes loyalty to skyrocket and makes people want do their very best work.

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