Are Your Employees Living Models of Your Company Mission Statement?

When you started your company, you created a mission statement intended for all employees to abide by. This was likely effective for awhile — maybe even years — but lately you’ve been noticing a disconnect. If much Staying in Full Production as Seasonal Time-Off Kicks Inof your team is no longer behaving in a manner aligns with the purpose of your organization, you need to address this immediately.

For your company to continue moving forward, everyone must be on the same page. Find out how to revitalize your mission statement and make it a core part of your business once again. This may include giving it a major overhaul or simply a few minor tweaks, so be open to the change the needs to happen.

Three Ways to Bring Your Mission Statement to Life

Ask for Employee Input

Your mission statement defines your company, including your culture. If staffers are disengaged, they’re probably feeling like your company culture failed them. Talk to your employees — or survey them anonymously if you don’t think they’ll be honest face-to-face — to get to the root of their unhappiness. Perhaps they feel undervalued or like they don’t have a voice, which directly conflicts with your mission statement.

Make Much-Needed Changes

After receiving feedback from your team, show them you really listened to their concerns by implementing some major changes for the better. Make sure the right leaders are in place, review your hiring process to ensure you’re choosing the best candidates and address any other main concerns brought by your employees. Your intentions will seem insincere if you ask for suggestions to improve, but don’t make any changes based on the response.

Lead By Example

Management — yourself included — must behave in a manner that directly supports your mission statement, because employees model themselves after company leadership. When people see their boss and other leaders adhering to company standards, they’ll follow suit. From treating everyone fairly to abiding by company rules and regulations, management sets the pace for the organization as a whole.

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