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College is a great time to learn and grow. The experiences you have during your time on campus can help you get a strong start to your career — but you already know that.Improving Your Resume | PrideStaff Las Vegas

Whether you’re a recent grad or still working to pursue your degree, you’ve racked up a list of accomplishments that will seriously impress both potential employers and staffing agencies in Las Vegas. Some of these — i.e., scholarships, Dean’s List, leadership positions — should be included on your resume, so learn how to get it right.

Four Tips for Listing Collegiate Accomplishments on Your Resume

Create a Separate Section

Put your hard work on display by highlighting it in a separate section — with the exception of your GPA, which should be grouped with your education details. This type of information doesn’t really fit into any other standard resume categories, and designating a special space for it will make it stand out. Most hiring managers quickly scan resumes, so this will help ensure they don’t inadvertently glaze over these key details.

Include Relevant Achievements Only

You did a lot of great things in college, but not all of your accomplishments will relate to the job at hand. By now, you probably know the importance of tailoring your resume to fit each position you apply to, and that includes the content in this section. Unnecessary information could cause the hiring manager to miss details relevant to the job and question your fit for it.

Be Specific

Vague accomplishments are useless, so brag a little. Briefly highlight what you did and when you did it, so the reader can fully comprehend how awesome you are. For example, writing “Held multiple student leadership positions” is nowhere near as effective as “Debate team captain, 2017-18” or “School newspaper editor-in-chief, 2016-17.”

Know Their Expiration Date

When you’re a student or a recent grad, collegiate accomplishments can add serious depth to your resume. However, they do have a shelf life. After college, you’re expected to replace them with achievements from your new life in the professional world. There’s no set rule on how long is too long to keep this information on your resume, but aim to remove it in five years or less.

Stand Out From the Crowd

You’re a talented professional any employer would be lucky to have on staff, so team up with PrideStaff Las Vegas to get the job you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your goals for the future and start your search for a fulling temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire opportunity!

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