The Key to Putting a System in Place to Alert You When It’s Time to Hire

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Things have gotten really busy at your company. You definitely need to hire immediately, but you wish you would’ve realized this sooner. Business has been gradually increasing for a while now, so with the right checks and balances in place, you would’ve recognized this need earlier.

The best Las Vegas recruiters know consistency is the key to putting a system in place to alert you when it’s time to hire. Creating a set of company standards for all managers to follow ensures the hiring process will be kicked off before your team is inundated with work. Here are a few indicators to include in your guidelines.

Four Signs It’s Time to Hire

You’re Turning Away New Opportunities

New business should make you excited, but if you’re so overwhelmed you’re having to decline prospects you would otherwise jump at, you’re short-staffed. Whether increasing your client load or expanding your offerings, new opportunities keep your company fresh, relevant, and thriving. Don’t ignore this key red flag.

Overtime Costs Are Consistently Up

No doubt, your company has a few busy periods each year that require employees to work overtime. However, this shouldn’t be the standard. If you’ve been paying extra overtime costs for quite some time, this is a sign you need to hire more employees. Overtime expenses add up fast, and existing employees will likely achieve burnout if you keep asking them to work so many long hours.

Employees Are Making Notably More Errors

Your employees are talented people, but no one can function at full capacity when they’re overworked. Mistakes happen when people are tired and rushing from one assignment to the next. If you notice a decline in the quality of several employees’ work, it’s not them, it’s the amount of pressure you’re putting on them.

Customers Satisfaction Is on the Decline

If your team is spread too thin, they’re probably not able to give your customers the same attention they’re accustomed to. People notice when customer service wait times are longer and the same attention to detail is no longer given. Clearly, this doesn’t go over well and can cause you to lose business. If customers are telling you something has changed with the level of service they’re currently receiving, this can be a clear sign you need more team members.

Get the Hiring Help You Need

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