How to Evaluate a Candidate on Their Problem-Solving Characteristics

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Hiring a new employee is a very big deal, so you want to make sure you choose someone with the problem-solving skills to thrive in the position. When you seek out staffing support in Las Vegas your recruiter will thoroughly vet candidates for this ability, because it’s important for essentially every job.

It’s impossible to know how a candidate will handle specific job-related issues until they’re hired. However, these three tactics will offer a telling preview that can help you determine their ability to thrive as part of your team.

How to Evaluate Candidate’s Problem-Solving Characteristics

Ask How They’ve Previously Handled Challenging Situations

Past performance is an excellent indicator of future behavior. Learn more about the candidate’s problem-solving abilities by finding out how they’ve tackled tricky situations in the past. Questions like “Tell me about the biggest work-related problem you’ve faced and how you handled it” and “Describe your problem-solving process” will allow you to understand how they react to issues and work to resolve them.

Offer Up Hypothetical Scenarios

Think about common problems associated with the job that the person hired will likely face at some point. Turn these into questions to find out how the candidate would react. For example, you might ask “How would you handle an irate customer?” or “What would you do if you were faced with a problem you weren’t sure how to solve?” This will help you better gauge their ability to excel in the position.

Put Their Skills to the Test

Get a glimpse of the candidate’s problem-solving skills by giving them a test or exercise to complete that will allow you to gauge their abilities firsthand. This could be anything from an online aptitude test to an immersive VR assessment, depending on the technology available to you. Tailor the activity to the job, so you can really understand each person’s relevant abilities.

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