Are Unrelated Summer Jobs in Las Vegas Good to Add to a Resume?

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You’re updating your resume, and you’re not if you should include your entire employment history. Over the past few years, you’ve had some great summer jobs, but they don’t really relate to your desired career path.

Whether you’re searching for accounting opportunities or casino jobs in Las Vegas, past employment experience is always a good thing. If you’re years into your career, it’s typically wise to remove unrelated summer jobs from your resume. However, if you’re relatively new to the workforce, including these positions can be a wise move.

Here’s a look at what you have to gain by highlighting jobs that don’t relate to your search.

Three Reasons to Add Unrelated Summer Jobs to Your Resume

Boost Your Work Experience

Irrelevant work experience is better than having no employment history at all. This shows potential employers you’re able to hold a job — i.e., can show up on time, follow directions, work as part of a team — which is important. When you have at least a couple jobs in your field under your belt, including unrelated jobs can be distracting, but right now, it’s beneficial.

Highlight Transferrable Skills

On the surface, your summer jobs might seem completely unrelated to your current career path, but that probably isn’t the case. It’s almost inevitable that you gained a host of transferrable skills that apply to the job at hand. For example, skills like problem-solving, communication, adaptability, listening, and leadership are important to potential employers in every industry.

Showcase Top Achievements

If you made a great impression at your summer jobs, highlighting a few of your greatest accomplishments can show potential employers what you have to offer. For example, if you worked in a call center and had a high customer satisfaction rating, this makes it clear you’re good at working with others. The job you want might involve working with clients, but even if it doesn’t, this underlines your hardworking nature and winning personality, which would make you a great team member.

Get the Job You Want

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