Joining a Temp Agency Could be the Missing Job Search Step You’ve Been Looking For


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Finding a great new job is hard work. As one of the top staffing agencies in Las Vegas, Nevada, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands that finding the right fit can feel like a full-time job in itself. You’ve been searching on your own for a while now, but you still haven’t found what you’re looking for…. Read more »

Looking to Expand Your Workforce? Hiring for Skill is Equally as Important as Hiring for the Right Cultural Fit


Hiring for Skill | PrideStaff Las Vegas

When sorting through piles of resumes, it’s easy to get distracted by those with the flashiest credentials, but the best candidates on paper aren’t always the right choice. As one of the most successful employment agencies in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows cultural fit is crucial. If a candidate doesn’t share the same beliefs,… Read more »

Three Management Strategies for Overseeing Team Members Who Don’t Get Along


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In a perfect world, your employees would get along like one big happy work family but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. Your team is composed of a variety of people from various backgrounds, with very different personalities, which can result in some unpleasant clashes. As one of the most successful Las Vegas staffing… Read more »

What Is the Best Approach to Finding a Job?


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As one of the top Las Vegas employment agencies, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows a thing or two about finding a new job. Not a task to be taken lightly, the next position you accept will impact your career trajectory, so do a little digging to find the right fit. Get to work expanding your contact… Read more »

Dressing Professionally For Your Next Interview Isn’t an Option… It’s Mandatory


Landing an interview for a job you really want is exciting, so don’t ruin your chances of getting an offer by failing to dress appropriately. Whether you like it or not, your appearance will sway the interviewer. People want to know you’re taking the meeting seriously, and the manner in which you present yourself speaks… Read more »

Is Compensation the Primary Driver of Employee Motivation?


“Question Originally Appeared on Quora“: Is Compensation the Primary Driver of Employee Motivation? As an employment agency in Las Vegas, we have the pleasure of working with candidates in a variety of industries, from a host of different backgrounds. These people come to us for assistance in finding a fulfilling job they truly enjoy. Of… Read more »

Making a Career Transition


Did you know that most new professionals will change careers up to 8 times over their working life? At PrideStaff, we consistently work with job seekers throughout Las Vegas looking to enter a different field. In fact, our owner Bob Daniel taught career planning at The Watson Management Development Center in Armonk, NY.    While… Read more »